Violet Township Women’s League

Breaking News

The date for the 2014 Style has been set to April 26, 2014.

2014 Style Show Date

The date for the 2014 Style show has been set - April 26, 2014.

Officers & Chairs for 2013 - 14

Thank you to the following members who volunteered to serve on the Board of The Violet Township Women’s League for the 2013-14 Club year: 

Executive Board

President - Maddie McDaniel

1st Vice President - Karen Virden

2nd Vice President - Bonnie Evans

Secretary- Barbara Douglas

Treasurer - Jane Snipes

Asst. Treasurer - Linda Fersch 

Committee Chairs

Advisory Committee - Jane Clagg, Connie McClellan, Carol Yurt

Calling Committee - Barbara Rollins

Community Service - Pat Deskins, Dorothy Kavanaugh, Carol Yurt

Historian - Connie McClellan

Interest Groups - Ann Cradduck

Newsletter - Barbara Rollins

Publicity - Linda Fersch

Refreshments - Debbie Calhoun, Sue Carr, Janice Shade

Scholarship - Sonnie Stewart

Style Show - Donna Brozovich, Ann Cradduck, Carol Hall, Barbara Rollins

Sunshine - Shirley McKitrick

Ways & Means - Pam Cheek, Janet Connell, Brenda Dunnette, Jean Walrath

Website - Bonnie Evans