Violet Township Women’s League

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Welcome to our 2014 - 2015 officers!

Style Show date and location announced!

2015 Style Show Date

The date for the 2015 Style show has been set - April 18, 2015 at Creekside in Gahanna.

Officers & Chairs for 2014 - 15

Thank you to the following members who volunteered to serve on the Board of The Violet Township Women’s League for the 2013-14 Club year: 

Executive Board

President - Karen Virden

1st Vice President - Janice Shade

2nd Vice President - Bonnie Evans

Secretary- Jan Powers

Treasurer - Jane Snipes

Asst. Treasurer - Linda Fersch 

Committee Chairs

Advisory Committee - Jane Clagg, Maddie McDaniel, Carol Yurt

Calling Committee - Barbara Rollins

Community Service - Pat Deskins, Dorothy Kavanaugh, Carol Yurt

Historian - Connie McClellan

Interest Groups - Ann Cradduck

Newsletter - Barbara Rollins

Publicity - Linda Fersch, Diane Shankland

Refreshments - Becky Ashcroft, Laura Cassell, Kathy Filippelli

Scholarship - Barb Douglas

Style Show - Sue Carr, Jean Eberle, Janice Shade

Sunshine - Shirley McKitrick

Ways & Means - Pam Cheek, Kathy Martin, Maddie McDaniel, Jean Walrath

Website - Bonnie Evans