Violet Township Women’s League



[Revised November 2017]



            The name of this organization shall be “The Violet Township Women’s League,” (also referred to as the “Club”) a corporation for non-profit, which has been organized and operates under the laws of the State of Ohio.



Section 1.  Establishment of Advisory Board

            The Violet Township Women’s League shall establish an Advisory Board of which shall consist of a minimum of three (3) and not more than five (5) voting members.

Section 2.  Responsibilities and Authority

            The Advisory Board of The Violet Township Women’s League shall have the authority to advise, oversee policy, and direct and assist with the leadership and general promotion of The Violet Township Women’s League.

            Responsibilities of the Advisory Board shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversight of financial management and legal compliance of The Violet Township Women’s League;
  • Annual audit of The Violet Township Women’s League past financial records with a written audit report to The Violet Township Women’s League Board of Directors;
  • Organizational leadership and advisement;
  • Oversight of policies and procedures;
  • Promotion of the organization;
  • The Advisory Board, along with appointed committee members,

will act as a nominating council for new officers for the Executive Board.


            The Advisory Board shall provide guidance and oversight while the elected Board of Directors shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of business for The Violet Township Women’s League.

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Section 3.  Appointment and Term of Office

            The Board of Directors shall appoint an Advisory Board for a term of no less than one (1) year.  All vacancies shall be filled by majority vote of the Board of Directors.  There will not be a term limit for serving.  As a means of retaining continuity and experience, the most recent past President will be invited to serve as a member of the Advisory Board, but is not required to accept.  The knowledge and experience gained through previous Board participation is essential to maintaining continuity in the day-to-day functioning of the Club.  If there would be more than five (5) members on the Advisory Board, the longest-serving member will then step down.  An Advisory Board member shall not serve as a current elected officer of the Club.  All Advisory Board members must be members in good standing of The Violet Township Women’s League, and may not serve as an elected member of the Board of Directors during their term on the Advisory Board.



Section 1.  Purpose

            The purpose of The Violet Township Women’s League is to promote, encourage, advance and support friendship, fellowship and community service through participation in and sponsorship of charitable and civic causes including, but not limited to, The Violet Township Women’s League Scholarship Fund.

Section 2.  Objectives

            The Violet Township Women’s League exists to provide an opportunity for members to become acquainted with others in the community and/or neighborhood, to provide an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill, to provide helpful information for all Club members and to promote charitable and civic causes, locally and/or nationally.

Section 3.  Limitation

            All foregoing purposes, objectives and activities of The Violet Township Women’s League shall be undertaken and conducted not for profit.  No part of the property, assets, funds, income, net earnings or profits, if any, of The Violet Township Women’s League shall be for the benefit of, monetary gain, or profit of, or be distributable to Trustees or Officers of The Violet Township Women’s League or any other private person.

            The Violet Township Women’s League shall not participate in, or intervene in (including publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.  The Violet Township Women’s League shall not engage in any legislative activity (commonly referred to as “lobbying”)


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Section 4.  Policies

            The Violet Township Women’s League shall not discriminate against any prospective or current member because of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, income status, educational background, or any other factor.

            The Violet Township Women’s League shall not hold meetings or special events in any establishment that chooses not to admit persons because of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, income status, marital status, educational background, or any other factor.

            The Violet Township Women’s League shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations of all government agencies, local, state and federal.

Section 5.  Scholarship

            The VTWL (Violet Township Women’s League) Community Service Scholarship exists to endow annual award(s) to college-bound graduating senior(s) meeting the criteria as set by The Violet Township Women’s League.

            Each year a Scholarship Selection Committee, consisting of at least one (1) chairperson and three (3) readers/scorers, but not to exceed five (5) total members, shall be appointed.

            A member may not serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee in the same year in which a relative of that member is a scholarship applicant.

Section 6.  Dissolution

            In the event that The Violet Township Women’s League dissolves as an organization, all remaining assets are to be distributed to one or more qualifying 501(c)3 organization(s).




Section 1.  Membership

            Club membership shall be open to all adult members of households that reside within, but is not limited to, the boundaries of the Pickerington Local School District, Violet Township, Pickerington, and surrounding communities.

Section 2.  Termination

            Any member may voluntarily resign from The Violet Township Women’s League.

Officers and committee members shall be diligent in carrying out their responsibilities. Failure to do so may bring about a removal from office or from a committee.


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Section 1.  Finances

            The fiscal year of the Club commences on July 1st and closes on June 30th  of each year.  The fiscal year may not be changed without the consent of the majority vote of Club members.

            No officer, committee chairperson, or member may commit the Club to the payment of money in excess of Fifty Dollars ($50) without the consent of the Executive Board. This provision is not applicable for expenses outlined in the approved budget for Club operations.  

            The Executive Board may not commit the Club to payment of money towards charitable contributions without the consent of the general membership, except they may authorize the payment of money to a charitable organization in memory of a deceased Club member only.  Said donation may be in the amount not to exceed Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

            No member of the Club may receive payment for duties performed as part of the Club business, except as reimbursement for approved expenses incurred.

Section 2. Budget

The Executive Board will approve the budget which can be amended during the course of the year. The Treasurer will include estimated budget line items in each monthly report. Committee Chairs and Executive Board Members must notify the President and Treasurer, by email, of any changes or an increase in spending levels from previous year(s).

Section 3.  Records

                        The Advisory Board shall perform a review of all Club records at the end of each fiscal year.  The final, year-end report shall be presented to the Board of Directors by the October Board meeting and, upon approval, presented to the general membership at the October General meeting of that year.  In addition, compliance with State and Federal regulations and required filings from the previous fiscal year are to be verified by October 31 of the new fiscal year. 

                        The Advisory Board will establish a record retention schedule in conformity and compliance with state and federal legal guidelines.


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Section 1.  Officers

            Elected officers of the Club shall be: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.  The most recent past President may be called upon for advisement in a non-voting advisory capacity.  These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board and shall perform the duties usually and customarily required of such officers.  The term of office shall be for a minimum of one (1) year, but for no longer than two (2) consecutive years in the same position.

            Any member in good standing is eligible to serve in any office.

Section 2.  Election of Officers

                        A nominating committee shall present a list of candidates for each of the Executive Board positions at the March meeting. Nominations from the floor will be accepted prior to each election.  Voting will take place at the April meeting.  The candidate receiving the majority of votes shall be declared elected. 

            If an unexpected vacancy occurs in any non-elected office, the President, with input from the Executive Board, may appoint a replacement to serve through the end of the current term.

            In the event that any elected position, with the exception of President, is vacated, the President, with input from the Executive Board, may appoint a replacement to serve through the end of the current term, and shall be confirmed by majority vote of the membership at the next regularly scheduled general meeting.

            In the event that the office of President is vacated, the First Vice President shall immediately assume that role through the end of the current term, and the process for replacement of an elected officer, as described above, will begin in order to fill the vacant office.

Section 3.  Duties of the Officers

                        President.  The President is the Chief Executive Officer and is considered a member of all existing committees, except the nominating committee, and shall perform all duties as usually pertain to that office. The President is the only individual authorized to sign contracts with the approval of the Executive Board.

The president will review, revise and update an annual summary sheet, reflecting the duties of each of the Executive Board positions and Committee Chairs. A current copy will be attached to the Constitution and on the VTWL’s website. 


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            First Vice President.  The First Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall serve as Program Chairperson.  The First Vice President shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.

            Second Vice President.  The Second Vice President shall preside as membership chairperson and is responsible for recruitment of prospective members and any follow-up necessary.

            Secretary.  The Secretary shall record minutes of all Board and general meetings, and make these reports available to the membership.  The Secretary shall also receive correspondence, and file it appropriately.

            Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall collect all dues and fees for the Club and maintain the Club bank account(s).  The Treasurer shall keep accurate financial records, disburse funds on behalf of the Club and obtain and keep all receipts pertaining to Club business.  A report is to be made at each monthly general meeting concerning the financial status of the Club.  The Treasurer is to determine the tax status of the Club, complying with all required reporting procedures, and is responsible for filing required forms with the Federal and State governments.

            Assistant Treasurer.  The Assistant Treasurer shall work in concert with the Treasurer in all financial responsibilities relating to the Club and act on behalf of the Treasurer if the Treasurer is unavailable.




Section 1.  Committees

                                   Standing Committees include but are not limited to: Communications (includes calling, newsletter and website, which may be separate committees if necessary), Community Service, Historian, Interest Groups, Publicity, Refreshments, Scholarship, Style Show, Sunshine, and Ways and Means.

            The Chairs of these committees, with the Executive Board, constitute the Board of Directors.  A quorum of eight (8) is necessary to vote.  Additional committees may be created by the Executive Board as the need arises.

Section 2.  Voting Procedures

            The Executive Board votes on all amendments to the Constitution, and on any expenditure over $50.00.  All other matters are to be decided by the Board of Directors, with one vote per committee.  In regards to votes before the Board of Directors, a simple majority of those present is required for acceptance.


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Section 3.  Special Interest Groups

            At the discretion of the Club, there may be special interest groups formed whenever a number of Club members have a particular interest, such as cards, luncheons, book clubs, sports, etc.  These special interest groups are subject to all the same rules and regulations that pertain to the main body of the Club and shall include only members of the Club, with the exception of invited guests and potential members.




Section 1.  Amendments

            The Constitution of The Violet Township Women’s League shall be amended by a majority, recorded vote of the six-member Executive Board.

Section 2.  Standing Rules

            The Standing Rules will provide guidance in the day-to-day operation of the Club.  Any changes to these rules must also be presented to the general membership in writing no less than thirty (30) days prior to bringing the change to a vote.  A simple majority of the members present is necessary to approve a change. 

            All changes must be recorded in a timely manner.



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            1.  Business meetings/programs will be held the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month August through May.  The Club will not meet in June or July.  During months in which holidays or other events occur on the scheduled date, an alternate meeting date will be made known to members no less than thirty (30) days prior.  Meetings will begin at a time designated appropriate by the Board, with adequate notice of any change in set starting times provided to the membership.

            2.  Membership includes, but is not limited to, those persons residing in the Pickerington Local School District, Violet Township, and surrounding communities.

            3.  Dues will be Thirty Dollars ($30.00)*  per year, prorated as of January 1st  at the rate of 1/10 the annual dues times the number of months remaining in the Club year.  Dues are payable no later than October 1st  of each year or the member may not be included in the Club Directory.  Prorated dues will be assessed as follows:

Month Joined (As of First of Month)

Prorated Dues Amount











            *Amount of dues shall be subject to change.

            4.  Prospective member(s)  may attend any two (2) Club functions before being asked to join.

            5.  Board meetings will be held monthly.  The changeover Board meeting in June is held for old and new officers and committee chairs.

            6.  The Violet Township Women’s League Advisory Board shall meet a minimum of once per year to review policies, procedures, and actions of the organization in accordance with their charge.

            7.  New member events may be held at the discretion of the Second Vice President and/or the Board.

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            8.  Special events are held at the discretion of the Board with input from the General Membership.

            9.  If reservations are necessary for a social function or specific event, cancellation policy will be set by the chairperson.

            10.  All funds collected on behalf of the Club must be submitted to the Treasurer within ten (10) days of collection.  Any member owing money to the Club for more than sixty (60) days is subject to suspension from Club activities until such funds are paid.  Extenuating circumstances must be presented to the Board promptly.

            11.  Newsletters will be published monthly with the exception of June and July.  All members will receive newsletters via e-mail.  Any member may request a paper copy.

            12.  The Club will maintain a website containing pertinent information about the Club and its activities.  The Website will be updated monthly.

            13.  New officers will be installed at the May meeting each year.

            14.  Officers will be:

                              ∙     President;

      ∙     First Vice President;

      ∙     Second Vice President;

      ∙     Secretary;

      ∙     Treasurer;

      ∙     Assistant Treasurer;

Together will constitute the Executive Board.  A quorum of four (4) is necessary to vote.

            15.  VTWL will purchase annual, liability insurance.

            16.  A minimum balance of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) will be reserved in the general operating fund at the end of each fiscal year in order to assist with the start-up costs of the club in August.  

            17.  The President reserves the right to review any/all correspondence intended for the use and/or viewing of the entire membership.

    18.  For the Scholarship Fund the amount of funds earned at the previous year’s scholarship

fundraiser will determine the amount of that year’s scholarship money. If needed, money will be rounded to the nearest divisible amount for the scholarship money. If needed, money will be rounded to the nearest divisible amount for the number of recipients. In the event of no fundraiser, the remainder of the Scholarship Reserve Fund could be used for awarding scholarships. Effective September 2018/2019, the VTWL general membership will vote on the number of scholarship recipients and the amount to be given. 


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            19.  The Communications Committee and/or President shall distribute an annual Calendar of Responsibilities pertaining to all aspects of Club compliance.  This calendar will include filing dates, renewal dates, and other dates and responsibilities deemed necessary for the Club to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.  The calendar shall be submitted to the Executive Board no later than the September general meeting each year. 


            20.  The President, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks and perform banking transactions on behalf of the Club.  Original receipts are required for all expenditure reimbursements.

            21.  Each member of the Executive Board and all committee chairpersons shall maintain a complete and current job description notebook for her position.  Each Board member and committee chairperson shall submit a copy of her updated job description to the President at the end of each Club year.

            22.  A Club Directory will be provided to all members each year.  The President will appoint a Board member to oversee the compilation of the Directory.  Any and all information obtained for the purpose of composing Club directories shall be considered confidential and will not be sold to or shared with anyone for any reason.

            23.  The Club Directory will include contact information for all officers, committee members, and Club members, along with the general meeting schedule, and any other information deemed pertinent by the Board of Directors.

            24.  Any committee requiring expenditure of Club funds must submit a proposed budget to the Executive Board at the first meeting in August.

            25.  The Executive Board reserves the right to meet separately to vote on matters related to Constitution or Budgetary issues.  A quorum of five (5) is required to vote.  All Executive Board votes will be recorded by the Secretary.

            26.  Scholarship Payments – Checks issued for scholarships shall be made payable to the student’s educational institution after the Scholarship Committee has confirmed the student’s enrollment at the respected educational institution to ensure the payment was applied for its designated purpose.

            27.  Acknowledgment of Cash Donations – For each cash donation of $250 or more, the Treasurer shall provide the donor a timely, written statement containing the following information:

            a)   Name of the organization;

            b)   Amount of cash contribution; and

            c)   A statement that goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the contribution, if the case, for a description and good-faith estimated value of the goods or services, if any, provided in return for the contribution.


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            28.  Method of Accounting – For federal tax reporting purposes, the Treasurer shall apply the cash method under which income is reported in the year received, and expenses are deducted in the year paid.

            29.  Pursuant to Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution of the Violet Township Women’s League, the Club will not permit the solicitation of goods and services offered for profit, or as a fundraiser, by members, speakers, or others during any official Club function including, but not limited to, meetings, interest groups, special events, or in the Club newsletter.

            30. Monies from dues should be used for operating expenses. Outside fundraisers other than the style show must be used for charitable donations to other 501 non-profit or governmental organizations.   Monies from 50/50 and Make It, Bake it, or Fake it, may be used for the benefit of the members or included in year-end charitable donations.





The original Standing Rules became effective as of July 1, 2010

All amendments voted on and approved by the Board or General Meeting Members may be found in the Secretary’s Constitution/Standing Rules binder.

 Constitution/Standing Rules Amended and Retyped on November, 2017.

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