Violet Township Women’s League

Interest Groups

Activities for the Club         

 Activities for Host Place   Time Date
Afternoon Euchre  Jane Clagg Clagg home 12:30pm Wednesday, March 21st
At the Kitchen Table Ann Cradduck

First Watch

9:30am Friday, March 2nd
Bid Euchre Ann Cradduck Cradduck home 6:30pm Saturday, March 17th
Bunco Patty Moone Pizza Cottage 10:00am Monday, March 12th
Chicktails Carol Yurt Corner Bar & Grill 5:00pm Thursday, March 15th
Daytrippers Sara Jackson Nothing this month    
Evening Euchre Becky Ashcroft Donato's Pizza 6:30pm Thursday, March 22nd
Knitting & Needlework Dorothy Peterson Donato's Pizza 11:30am Monday, March 5th
Ladies out to Lunch Sara Jackson Mohawk Grill 11:00am Wednesday, March 14th
Lit Chicks Jan Powers Pizza Cottage 1:00pm Monday, March 19th
Morning Euchre Gert Stacoffe Stacoffe home 9:30am Wednesday, March 7th
Saturday Night Out Barbara Douglas Barcelona 6:00pm Saturday, March 24th
Activities for        
At the Kitchen Table Ann Cradduck IHOP (Reynoldsburg) 9:30am Friday,  April 6th
Morning Euchre Jane Clagg Clagg home 9:30am Wednesday, April 4th


Times and dates are subject to change. 

     Sign-up sheets for activities are put out at the VTWL meetings.